Computer Labs

  • Nancy College of Law has a huge Computer Centre of more than 100 Computer systems which is fully air-conditioned and fully equipped with latest configuration to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments.
  • Our computer Centre provides students as well as Faculty with high internet bandwidth speed for keeping themselves abreast of all the advanced technological developments around the world.
  • Our Computer Centre facilitates the students to become independent learners and self starters.
  • As overall development and knowledge enhancement for every Law Graduate is only possible after adequate exposure to information technology so our Computer Centre provides teh best technology and facilities to students under teh guidance fo expert professionals.
  • Our round the clock WiFi facility makes sure that the students at our campus are always open to surfing, gathering knowledge to their best, doing assignments and regularly updated on new Laws and upgradations.
  • The best-in-class Computer Centre and other technological / ERP infrastructure lend our Nancy College of Law to be recognized as best Law College in the State of Punjab.

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