Our Mission

“Nancy College of Law strives to integrate excellence in teaching and scholarship to develop lawyers who are able to practice law with competence, serve with compassion, and provide effective and ethical leadership.”

Core Values :

  • Excellence in Teaching within a Supportive Environment.
  • A Student focused legal education with a diverse faculty of excellent teachers and a dedicated and energetic staff.
  • Transforming Legal Education students into professionals who respect the legal profession, judiciary system and appreciate the diverse society in which they will contribute.
  • Emphasizes on competence, civility, high ethical standards, leadership, work ethic, personal integrity, responsibility, accountability, inclusiveness and courage required in actual practice of law.
  • To prepare Law graduates to enter a service oriented profession.
  • To inspire a passion for service to clients to an increasingly diverse society, and to the profession
  • To inculcate in the students the sense of discipline, duty, responsibility and service to the Nation and Society.

A famous quote by William Carey –

“Expect Great things from God; attempt great things for God”

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