Legal Aid Room

Apropos to the spirit of Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, and keeping in mind its pious obligation towards the weaker section of the society. Legal aid clinic thus serve the two fold purpose. First, they provide free legal services to economically weaker people and second, they direct the energies of the students of law in contributing to the society. Many sections of the society are still in need of legal aid and the resource constraints hence these established authorities from actively caring legal aid whose of all the people hence these state authorities are expected to work in coordination with other entities like government agencies, non government and voluntary social service institutions, universities accept that function in the promotion in the same cause.

Nancy College of Law as part of its Legal Clinical Education program has established a Legal aid and advice centre with a full time administrator of clinical education. One of the functions of our legal aid clinic is to fill the gap between the legal services authority of the government and the common people who are untrusting and ignorant of the law. Also as many low income families generally possess a large number of legal problems that remains on hold due to over burdened legal services. So our clinic tries to solve the issue of downtrodden people or they bring the issue before the district legal service authority at district level.

Nancy College of Law legal aid clinic has come a long way in promoting justice not just in providing direct assistance it also undertakes spreading legal awareness through camps, musical plays, nukkad nataks, essay writing competitions, client counseling competitions etc. The college has also adopted three adjacent villages named Dhanetha, Retgarh and Chak Amritsar and the students of this clinic make regular visits to the concerned area and listen and try to solve the minor issues. This can range from simple problems like lack of educational facilities for the people to other more personal issues like property disputes or Domestic violence disputes. In every situation the clinic provides remedy to the problems amicably through conducting counseling sessions and by referring their matter to the Secretary, DLSA, Patiala.

The legal aid clinic of the college plays a very significant role in advancing the practical aspects of legal education when the students are pursuing their LLB, BA.LLB courses. This is the basic requirement of real life practice where it is expected to try out other alternative dispute resolution mechanism before filling legal suits and petitions. Such kind of activities basically prepares the students to handle real life situations when they finally graduates from Nancy College of Law.Hence it can be said that legal training during graduation to students as para legal volunteers under the direction of their faculty who act as a guide in the learning process prove to be a boon for their overall development as a legal profession.

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